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Trench coats are one of my regular go-to’s for any time of the year, ideal for mid-season. His advantage is to go to all silhouettes: he stuffs the smallest while knowing to benefit the more round.

It is something to wear over just about anything.
A trench coat can dress up an every-day look and instantly take it from just another jeans and a tee to something more chic.

When it comes to the belt, the highlight of the trench. It marks the size and therefore feminizes silhouette vote.
There are many ways to wear your trench, all while playing with the belt of it! If you want a very structured look, tie the belt as it should, i.e. in the loop of it.
You can also just tie the belt of a double knot in front. You can choose to button the trench or leave it open, then tie the belt for a chic and casual look at a time.
You can also tie the belt of your trench in the back to modernize and bend it.

Easy and chic.