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Five Best Places To Visit For Bloggers in Marrakech


 Globalization may have rendered the world into a small place, however, it is still large enough for you to explore. Should you be a blogger, and should you ever find yourself in the city of Marrakesh, here are a few destinations that may catch your eye:


 Riad Yasmine:

A very chic hotel-boutique in the old Medina, about a nine-minute walk from Musée de Marrakech. Recommended for all of those who seek to submerge themselves deep into the experience of Moroccan traditions. Riad Yasmine consists of eight suites and rooms, all of which are named after Moroccan sites.
The Riad has got a lot to offer. Free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, a swimming pool, and a fireplace included. With a theme that screams ‘Moroccan tradition’, a stay at Riad Yasmine guarantees you an experience, unlike any other, breath-taking.


Le JardinSecret:  

If you are on the quest for a magical, historical ride, look no further than Le Jardin Secret. This palace complex, that goes back over four hundred years in the past, was one of the architectural symbols of the Saadian Dynasty. In addition to all that the Saadian atmosphere includes, the renovation of this palace, that took place about two centuries ago, allowed more flavors into the dish, specifically Arab-Andalusian ones. All in all, Le Jardin secret is your window on a sixteenth-century-Marrakesh that you will not want to miss.


 Jardin Majorelle: 

Our third destination is none other than one of the most visited sites in Marrakesh City, Majorelle Garden. This two and a half acre botanical garden represents the outcome of forty years of passion and dedication that Painter Jacques Majorelle had for the city. It isn’t only a space full of fancy trees and various sorts of beautiful flowers, it also a place honoring the Amazigh heritage, so much so that Majorelle himself preserved a part of it for a Berber Culture Museum. Visiting Majorelle Garden will help you see Marrakesh and its culture the way Majorelle himself did.


The Islamic ArtMuseum:  

If you thought the exotic plants garden and the Berber Culture Museum are the only interesting sites Majorelle has got, well, think again. If you are an artsy type, you will want to check out the Museum of Islamic Art. This section houses different North African textiles, jewelry, carpets, and other Islamic treasures. Treasures that are waiting for you to uncover.


Terrace Des Epices:

The City of Marrakesh has a lot to offer, and touring it may be trying. And since you can’t really enjoy touring on an empty stomach, this segment holds a recommendation for one of the best places to eat. The core of the Medina is where you can find La Terrace Des Epices. A restaurant is famous for its welcoming atmosphere and its fancy decorations. Built on a terrace, this restaurant offers a wonderful panoramic view, allowing you not only to see the whole Medina from above but to also see the white, snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains. From traditional dishes like Tajines or traditional pastry, La Terrace Des Epices’ menu is variant enough to satisfy everyone’s taste.

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  • Lisa Elson

    very helpful sources am coming to Marrakech next month now I have a full list of places that I can t wait to explore.

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