Azam brown - Sarah Maj Design
Azam brown - Sarah Maj Design
Azam brown - Sarah Maj Design


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Our Azam belt is the ideal accessory if you want to add a more minimal Moroccan touch to your outfit. It has a more delicate and subtle design than our other belts and is ideal to add to an outfit with a softer material.

It can be adjusted to any size as it only needs to be tied in a simple knot.

It is hand-made with our local artisans with Sfifa -  an ancestral Moroccan braiding technique usually used to border caftans. Sfifa is made out of  Sabra fibers - Sabra is a 100% vegetable and sustainable silk made from Agave cactus that are typically found and grown in the south of Morocco.  

It exists in 4 colors; blue, purple, red and brown.

Composition: 100% Sabra silk

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