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One of Sarah Maj’s most important values has always been her focus on sustainability and upcycling. Inspired by the Slow Fashion movement, Sarah approaches her brand with a deep awareness and respect of the environment and social impact. In particular, Sarah sources all her material from the fabric remains of designer brands to create her collections. By upcycling existing fabrics, no waste is produced in the production process. As a result, beautiful collections are made with diverse pieces each more unique than the other.


When you buy Sarah Maj, you are buying unique pieces that have been carefully curated to offer you the best experience and style. Each collection is based on a very limited inventory that makes every piece special. There are 3 ways to buy from Sarah Maj; from the available collection, with a pre-order where you can purchase a piece that has sold out for instance or by a tailor-made order where we can produce and customize any pieces you like specifically to your measurements and taste. This way, we can keep waste to a minimum.  


At Sarah Maj, its female-led management style has specifically put Women at the forefront of the production process. In fact, depending on the designs, the technique and the skill needed, each product is made by a different group of women with each her own skill set that are located in Morocco. When you are buying a Sarah Maj item, not only are you purchasing a unique piece, you are also directly contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the woman artisan behind the making of your piece.